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Anna Maria Lang the Abundant Babes Writer…

Abundant Babes was born out of my journey and quest for my soulmate and the one.  As a result of waiting, I have journeyed through being a single independent woman. I believe it is important not to settle based on social standards and pressures but to maintain your independence for the sake of your destiny and do what brings you the most joy for your entire life.

“This is a spiritual and practical journey of self discovery”

I am a believer in destiny and that your life is playing out in a way that will always lead you the one, while you must get out there and make life happen, don’t sit around waiting for it to happen to you and include your career, health, other relationships and your soulmate as a way to truly empower yourself.

As a counsellor, specialist in human behaviour, having studied to understand and celebrate men and women and many other things, I have done all the courses and study I need to be able to write for you and inspire you to be able to live with more love and abundance.  While I have lived the path of waiting patiently and dating in the quest for the right one.  I know what matters in life now and what is my destiny and the thing about love and life is you must live it.  Enjoy my writing while empowering yourself in all areas of life to be the most beautiful, amazing and stunning version of yourself.  Your destiny awaits you!

With love and abundance

Anna Maria

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