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Q: How many magazines can I expect to have access to?

A: Once you subscribe, you have access to all past editions and content as well as all future editions.

Q: What can I expect to learn from the magazines?

A: You can expect to learn about love and life in a light and very practical sense.  You can expect to be able to align yourself with your ultimate goals and soul mate destiny while enabling you to be empowered in all areas of life.

Q: Is this credible information?

A: This information is derived from a counselling background and human behavioural science while it is also as a result of Anna Maria’s life experience to assist you to be able to find the one, balance your life and live an empowered life the way you always deserved to live.

Q: How many magazines can I expect to receive?

A: You can expect to receive all new magazines on a relevant topic or topics.  You also if you visit the site, get to receive news updates on a regular basis to be able to empower yourself further.

Q: Which is the best way to view the magazines?

A: It is best to view them on your PC or laptop, however they are formatted so you can see them on your phone.  Be sure to enjoy them the best way you can and you can fully expand the magazines on your PC or laptop for the best results.

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