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Are you a single independent woman seeking the true love of your soul mate – the one?

Inside of this magazine, you will discover some simple tips on how to empower yourself, be ready for the one and become more inspired in your life to live your true destiny.  You will uncover how I empowered myself as a long term single woman.  You will be enlightened by the experience of being a single woman who is independent while discovering in a fun and playful way what men want and how you can stop trying to ‘catch’ a man and be the one yourself who will ‘attract’ your one true love.

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You gain full access to all previous editions and all new issues to learn how to live your true calling, destiny and include your soul mate in the journey.  Your subscription is valid for one year at $102.44 (AUD) per annum. Opt out at any time and your subscription is valid up until it expires after one year.

I guarantee you will be enlightened by my writing and find joy in the words and images inside of these magazines.  I can assure you that this approach will enhance your life in ways that provide you with insights that add to your life.

Your soul mate awaits you…

Are you ready to start your journey of self discovery?  Are you committed to being the one to attract the one?  Forget about what others tell you is the way to do it, it’s time to discover your own visions, way and destiny to live a long and joyful life in relationship with your one true love.  I am excited to be sharing this journey with you and imparting my wisdom to you for you to be able to live the life of your dreams.

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